Everything Is Wrong

by Smoke Break

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Smoke Break is...

Cory Chubb - Guitar / Vocals
Roger Anderson - Bass / Vocals
Alex Wilhelm - Drums

Recorded and mixed by Chris Compton at Etching Tin Studios
Mastered by Dave Downham at Gradwell House
Photos and layout by Jake Cunningham
Extra backup vocals by Harris Mendell and Chris Compton
Bad Note Records 2016


released August 14, 2016


tags: punk Richmond


all rights reserved


Bad Note Records Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: Freaked Out (Love Song)
I miss going up to Brooklyn on a thursday night, knew everything would be all right, and my mom would let me skip school
Valentine's Day, two feet of snow, completely exhausted dripping sweat by the metro, and all before 8 AM

*And I know you're sick of apologies. I worry too much. I should leave well enough alone, but I can't. I though you'd like that song. I should've known.

I wanted to drive that day but you're best friend was so sure, Bunny's Ford explorer. You won't catch me behind the wheel now. I-95. I should've ridden my bike. Lina, Steven, and I nearly died on the turnpike on the way to come visit you.
Flash forward to up in your dorm. This was my gesture, and you were the picture, the epitome of freaked out.
Back when I wanted to believe.
Track Name: Paul At The Ends Of The Earth
I'm sick of this shit. St. Paul at the ends of the earth. Comin' for youth to accept his truth, that of a miraculous birth. Heaven forbid you end up like they did. Their cross to bear is to breed. Don't even begin to tell me what I need. You don't really care.

*He probably never ever made it to Spain. Wholly unholy, profoundly profane.

Ah fuck it, I quit. St. Paul at the ends of the earth. Never again to be seen by friends, roam like a good christian. but for what it's worth...
-you're too far gone. this is insane.
Track Name: Talk Baseball To Me
You wanna see my face in a window. I cannot lie, I'm nervous. Red faced, probably give you the same old "just working". drinkin' straight. But i have my doubts as to what you mean when you say certain things. Be in ohio soon, we can talk baseball. I can't wait at all.

*There's something going on outside. Is it really safer inside?

You wanna hear my voice on the speakers. I cannot lie, I'm anxious to be midwest bound. I've got cabin fever. No target date. I've been trying to save too. Nickles and dimes. Hope the heat brings happier times. 'Cause i know it's been hard, and I know how you feel. I can't wait at all.

Summer's comin' up, you're where I want to be. Got some catching up to do. Guess we'll see. Talk baseball to me.
Track Name: Oh
I once lived for Liv, and I'd hold her in my arms. She's sand and I'm a sieve. Could there have been somebody else? Could I have offered more happiness than i could give? I guess we were a little too young.

*I say all I know is that 'til the day I die she'll be a mystery. Oh yeah.

Now she's a sorority girl and she's got a new boyfriend. When will it end? She wants me to come visit her. She says he's exactly like me. Can't comprehend why she'd tell me that.
Track Name: Healthy Scratch
At this junction I can't breathe without. I can't function without the taste in my mouth. And it's bittersweet. Am what I am, incomplete. I'm even thin in my blood, and now it's all over my hands. (And way too easy to beat)

*It simply isn't enough just to breathe the air. Find out where my will hides, scratching at my insides. I know now, it's all I can do.

All out of gumption. I can't think without the consumption. Casting shadows of doubt. And it's just too much to heed. I can't not get what I need. I want the surface so bad, but now it's way over my head.
Track Name: Triple A
Now we're at my place. She's dancin' next to me in the basement at the show. Remain right where I am. Eyes on the band for now, but my periphery I can't ignore.

*Been thinkin' 'bout askin', but I don't want to cause any trouble. Thought's gunna wear me out. Might ask about askin', Don't want to put anyone in the middle. Want to know all about her.

Now we're at this place. I need a cigarette. She offers, I accept. So what? We're just hangin' out. Eyes on her eyes for now, but my periphery I can't ignore.
Track Name: You Left The Door Wide Open
You left the door wide open. That morning I regret the way I spoke to you. I shouldn't but I do, and that's the way my life has been. Everyone can see the kind of shape you're in. Man, you're lucky you have any friends. And I ain't one of them. Liar and a thief.

Well I know that you've been hexed, and I'm not sure what's next. Can't remember exactly what I said, but sympathy's dead now. You've been in way too deep. Nervous to fall asleep. You've been putting my patience to the test. It's all in a years stress. I'm all right. No, I'm not all right. (You left, but didn't leave) Take me back to a time before you. Before you and the god damned door.
Track Name: Sadie
Why does it feel like a lifetime ago? You locked your keys in your car and eventually we had to pay. But we went and got drunk at Jonno's anyway. There I go, thinkin' I know just how you feel, hopin' to hear you say... Let's go to bed. We'll sleep when we're dead. You've probably forgotten all that anyhow. So how many drinks do I fucking think I might have to take for the hear and the now to not consist of heartache? Help me. Help me for heaven's sake.

*But mother never said find a nice catholic girl to commit to, but I think I just might go ahead and give it a shot.

Now i feel guilty. I've forgotten your birthday. Sadie can I take you out when you turn 21? I'll buy you a drink, I'll overthink everything I do. After all the dumb shit that I've done when I've been with you. From DC, to Raleigh, to Paris, give me a chance to be true.
Track Name: Back Then
I remember that night, that long, cold night at the old house. We broke the rules. Puttin' shit up our noses, fucking drinking. Got lost in your eyes and your tattoos.

*Yeah I was such a jerk back then. So much for changing. Sorry, friend.

The very next day we're going sledding back in Shouse. Walk through the trees. We decided that everything's all right, but there's something very wrong with me.
Track Name: Fine
Well how'd this get to be such a mess? Can I get a witness? Somebody out there's gotta know what the deal is. Can't seem to deal with all the madness. Can you explain to me how all this began? I can't remember anything, and I'm not sure where I should stand. Don't want to let you down. God I'd hate to be born in a world so torn, but I guess I was. And it's just because.

*I'm in no hurry to find out how it feels to be without dependencies, and addictive personalities. Go ahead and develop a spine. You know you hear them say... the games you children play these days are dangerous, but follow the leader is fine.

Well how'd I get to be a nervous wreck? I guess i should check. I'm hollerin' out but don't know what to expect. So many things I don't want to accept. Can you explain to me what the deal is again? Get married in a church, manufacture Americans. Don't wanna let them down. Still not sure where to stand, but I'll do what I can until I'm old and gray. Day by day.

And I know one thing's for sure. I'm not going to kid myself. Before I disappear I'd like to break some news to you that you'd like to hear.

If there's no deal to be had then that's fine with me.
(I just wanna tell my friends. Only lookin' to find out what the deal is. What kind of means and what ends? They want to know what the deal is.)